Author: Christa Behr
Structures of Christian Fellowships

We cannot order when the Holy Spirit should manifest or come in our midst, but we can hinder him in his work. In this study I share insights that can help us to oversome some hindrances.

Love the Lord with all your heart

In this Bible study I talk about the jealousy of God and our own jealousy, both positive and negative... Read on!

Patience and Truth

Is it possible that some Christians believe they can escape all the sufferings of the endtimes just because they truly believe in Jesus? In this Biblestudy I focus on some Scriptures that point us to "a road less travelled"... Read on!

Wounds and the Healing from God

In this message I address the topic of how we can cope with the fact that there are so many wounded people around us – in our homes, our churches, our nation? And we ourselves know physical, pschychological and relational wounds and pain ourselves, too. God knows... Read on!

Thoughts about the First Commandment

Countless Christians have been persecuted because they were not willing to give divine veneration to the Roman cesars or other leaders of nations. The believers felt bound by the first commandment. And to keep it today is of greatest importance for us, too.

The Restoration of all Things

According to Acts 3,21 everything must be restored before our Lord Jesus returns. This includes the restoration of the fellowship between Israel and the church of the nations.

Structure of the Church

Some people make themselves a lot of thoughts about the question: What will happen with all the church structures. Buildings and hierarchies of the different churches and denominations?

The Fivefold Ministry of the Church

Most well-known scripture is from Eph 4.11: “And He Himself gave some to be apostles, some prophets, some evangelists, and some pastors and teachers.”

Bible Study about Cheap Grace

This expression is from Pastor Dietrich Bonhoeffer a Lutheran pastor who was in the resistance movement during the Second World war and he ended his life as a martyr.

Various Authors
The Spiritual Roots of the Holocaust

Pastor Jakob Krämer, Rhema Fellowship, Linz/Austria

"The Shoa is the drama of the Jewish people, it has become to this day the all-present national trauma of Israel. This we need to understand, otherwise we will not understand anything about Israel."

“Purimfest, 1946″ – The Purim Link Between Nazi Germany And Nuclear Iran (Englisch)

Ein Artikel aus der Jerusalem Post (2012). Oberrabbiner Warren Goldstein (Südafrika) entdeckt Parallelen zwischen den Ereignissen, die zum Purimfest geführt haben, und der Zeit der Nazi-Herrschaft, bis in die Gegenwart. Ein zweiter Artikel eines anderen Autors spricht zu demselben Thema.