Community from Mount Zion

An introduction


Since 2000 some members of our little fellowship have been praying together every Wednesday morning on Mount Zion. Since 1993 Christa Behr has arranged every year a journey to the former concentration- and death camps in Poland such as Auschwitz Birkenau, Belzec and Treblinka. Christians from German-speaking countries accepted the invitation together with Israelis.

We are in friendship with some Holocaust survivors who for many years were part of our journeys to the camps in Poland but are now unable to travel. We appreciate their friendship and we are thankful that Ester Mannheim, Yehudit Kriegel and Ruth Zachs have been founding members of our Fellowship. Many times, they shared their life story in different meetings and all of them wrote a book about their very terrible experience.

The goal of the trust is: To address Anti- Semitism in history and in our time. Today we find new forms of antisemitism blaming only Israel for the tension in the Middle East. Incorrect information is causing a new form of an anti-Israel attitude. We are looking for ways of repentance, reconciliation and restoration.

The members of the trust have different national and denominational backgrounds. Hiere you see Christian Kaube (l.) and Dietmar Haass.
Foto von Christian Kaube Foto von Dietmar Haasst

We also invite people from outside the country to help in a practical way Holocaust survivors and other needy people for some hours during the week.

Accommodation, food and a pocket money will be provided. Financial support for this work is most welcome and you find the bank account number on this website.

Christa and Sister Agnes are involved in lectures about Anti-Semitism in Church history and in Europe, as well as in Africa. In this picture you see (from left): Eyal Friedman, Limor Nachshoni, Christa Behr and Agnes Staes. Foto von Vorstandsmitgliedern

We are thankful that our trust “Community from Mount Zion” was accepted in Israel and is now a registered trust (Amuta).

In this house we have meetings related to repentance and reconciliation. We also welcome guests that want to know more about Israel first hand.

Haus in Malha
Haus in Malha

It is our desire to bring more understanding to the Church regarding God’s plan with Israel and the history of the Jewish people. We also share about the situation in the Middle East and Israel today and can share the daily life in Israel.

Boas and Tal Fastman also are engaged in the ministry of our trust and members of the Committee. Foto von Boas und Tal Fastmant

Our community is relating to the word from the prophet Isaiah 40, Verse 1 “Comfort, yes, comfort My people!” says your God. "Speak comfort to Jerusalem, and cry out to her, that her warfare is ended, that her iniquity is pardoned.“

Bild von Dieter Werner Dieter Werner, Committee member

We hope and pray that our trust (Amuta) and our “Community from Mount Zion” can be an effective contribution in our time to restore the relationship between Israel and the Church.


Members of the Committee of our trust (Amuta):

  • Agnes Staes
  • Boas und Tal Fastman
  • Christa Behr
  • Christian Kaube
  • Dietmar Haass
  • Dieter Werner
  • Eyal Friedman
  • Limor Nachshoni