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My name is Christa Behr. I was born and raised in Germany. For 18 years I lived and worked in Austria where I was a bible teacher in public schools and led the youth ministry in the Lutheran Church in Salzburg.

In 1981, during my second visit to Israel, I received a divine call to live here. I came back to Israel 1991, in the middle of the Gulf War. I have been living in Jerusalem for 30 years now.

As a German and Austrian and because of the Holocaust (Shoa), repentance towards the Jews and reconciliation between Jews and Gentiles are a special burden on my heart. I also believe that the Church needs to come back to her Jewish roots and recognize that her foundations are in Jerusalem and Israel.

I am a member of a local fellowship in Jerusalem and prepare regularly prayer meetings related to reconciliation. For the last 25 years I have visited annually former concentration camps in Poland and Germany, always together with Germans and Israelis.

This website was installed in order to give you and many people easy and free access to my book (see below). It contains so much of what God has put on my heart. May it bless you also, when you read it.

The English page of my website does not contain everything that is found in the German pages. If native English speakers would be willing to help me translate some of the missing articles into English, I could enlarge the English section in the future.


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New English article online

Dear friends, I have written a piece with the title "Structures of christian fellowships". From the beginning lines: "We cannot order when the Holy Spirit should manifest or come in our midst, but we can hinder him in his work. Where the Spirit of the Lord is there is freedom. If we plan [More...]

Word from Jerusalem

Dear friends, I am glad to be able to share with you a short New Year's message by brothers Benjamin and Ruben Berger from Jerusalem. Word from Jerusalem 2022 [More...]

My Book

Many christians are not aware of the fact that our faith is based on the Jewish Messiah, Jesus, and on the people of Israel. Jesus did not only die for our sins, but also in order to unite those who believe in him from the Jewish people as well as from the nations of the world.

In my book I will expand on this very foundational topic.

My Story

I am so thankful for God's clear guidance that led me 1991 to Israel in order to foster reconciliation between Germans, Austrians and Israel.

My story can be an encouragement to many. That's the reason I share it.

Community of Mount Zion

This fellowship is a trust that came out of prayer meetings on Mount Zion. We established it together with several Holocaust survivors.

The trust allows us to bring volunteers to Israel and to coach them along the way.

My Newsletter

I send out a newsletter 3-4 times a year, sharing about personal joys and needs as well as about Israel's current situation.

You can get the English newsletter without cost, just subscribe.

My Travels

In 1993 I began to organize trips to former concentration and annihilation camps in Poland. This year I cannot go due to the travel restrictions. I am glad that Dieter Werner from Saxony/Germany has taken on the responsibility for the Poland trip 2020.

Former participants of such trips and other meetings share their impessions.

Interesting Articles

Here you will find writings about the role of Israel in relation to the nations, about prayer and fasting related meetings and other relevant themes.

There are also links to videos which I deem very important to watch.

Picture of a boot ride upon the Sea of Galilee
Photo of Ruth Zach, nr. 153 of Schindler's list
Picture of my house in Migdal at the Sea of Galilee
Pivture of the stern of a boat with an Israeli flag
Picture of Esther Manheim and her sister Judith Kriegel