Ich habe die Fotos thematisch und innerhalb der Kategorien chronologisch geordnet.

Meine Bildergalerie

Childhood and Family

1953. The only Foto I have from me as a baby in the arms of my grandmother who died a year later
1955. My sister and brother, my parents and grandfather and the brother of my father, uncle Martin
1957. My sister Eva Maria, my brother Rudi, myself, and in the middle my cousin Karsten.
1967. At the age of 14 in the mountains of Germany at an outing from the school
1967 My confirmation class in the Lutheran Church in our village Fliegenberg
2000. My family from left to right: My father Rudolf Behr, my oldest brother Rudi, my mother, myself, my sister Eva-Maria, my brother Hans-Christoph and my youngest brother Matthias
2009. My parents after a heart operation from my father. 

Time in Salzburg and Haid in Austria

1974. The last day of two years at our Bible School in Salzburg
1977 Lunch with Jakob and Grete Kraemer and Angelia Schlackl.
1977 My first visit to Israel with a group of pilgrims and Kurt Waldhör the Kaplan of Haid, walking at the Via Dolorosa in Jerusalem
Year 1990 Jakob and Grete Kraemer from Austria. I got to know them 1976 in Haid and they led for many years the Rhema Fellowship in Linz.
1986 Werner Blueher and his wife from Traun in Austria. He was one of the first young people 1976 who receive the Lord. Werner is also is a member of the trust in Austria.
1979 Youth from Haid, Traun and Ansfelden in Austria in the Wald- Schlössel in Reichenau /Rax
1982. Part of the Youth group in Salzburg
1983 Part of the youth Group in Salzburg
1883 An evening the youth group prepared for the eldership and pastors of the Lutheran church in Salzburg
1982 In Salzburg near my house. I the background you see the river Salzach.

  My first Journey to the USA 1984

!984 in the house of Larry Christenson as we sing an Austrian and German song for the international group who was invited.
1984 Larry Christenson and his wife Nordes and my cosine Maria Behr and Michaela in their garden.
1984 My first visit in the USA at the international conference of the Lutheran Charismatic renewal.
1984 Werner von Trapp and his wife Erika, at their house in Vermont at my fist Visit in the USA.

Charismatic Renewal in Austria and Hungary

1983 Our regular meeting as a team from the Lutheran Charismatic Renewal in Austria.
1982 Hanna and Siegfried Oberlerchner from Attersee with their children good friends until today and he is the leader of the trust in Austria.
1986 Our monthly pastors meeting from the reformed charismatic renewal in Hungary I was part of from the year 1986 until 1991.
1988 Imre and Eva Szabo from Hungary 1987. They gave me a lot of good advice from 1986 until 1991.
1988 Dr. Paul Toaspern from Berlin meeting him in Hungary. He was the leader at that time of the Lutheran Charismatic Renewal in the former DDR.
1989 Steven Lightle at my apartment in Gloggnitz Austria. He introduced me to messianic Jews in Israel and to the international movement of intercessors.
1990 in my apartment in Gloggnitz

My time in Israel

1991 Reuven Archimeir a Dutch Jewish brother from Jerusalem who rented out his apartment to me 1991and a good friend who also was the garnt for my renting contract for my house in Malha in the first year until 1992.
2010 My house in Jerusalem.
1995 in front of my house in Jerusalem
1998 My house came already with a cat and because there was food for them available more cats came.
1991 Gräfin Marie- Agnes at a visit in my house. She payed for the whole house including all the taxes.
2019 In front of my house in Jerusalem.
1991 At my first year in Jerusalem
1998 Pessach celebration. My brother Hans Christoph also came with his family.
1994 Our monthly meeting with Arab brethren in the old city of Jerusalem
1996 Meeting with Arab brethren in the north of Israel

Conferences and Journee's 

1988 Conference of the Lutheran charismatic renewal in east Berlin
1995 Benjamin and myself on a conference in Germany
1998 Prayer ans fasting days at the Wewelsburg near Paderborn. The Wewelsburg was the center of the former S S and from there the Nazis wanted to rule the whole word.

Auschwitz and other Death camps in Poland

1994 Benjamin Berger at his first visit in Auschwitz and Birkenau where his grandparents and other Family member where murdered.
1995 Our week of prayer and fasting 1995 in Auschwitz. Benjamin Berger and my onkle Martin Behr have been part of it.
1995 time of repentance at the Ash-field in Auschwitz Birkenau during the week of prayer and fasting.
1996 Meeting on the Ash-field in Auschwitz Birkenau
1999 Walking on the train tracts in Auschwitz Birkenau
1997 My first visit in the former Death camp Belzec in Poland
1998 A year later back in Belzec with a group of 50 people.
2000 In the year 2000 for the first time a group from Germany joined the Polish friends of Israel in the march of the living from Auschwitz to the camp in Birkenau. Next to me Regina Hydzik. She helped us for may years to prepare the journeys in Poland.
2000 Rabi Lau in Auschwitz- Birkenau. He gave a speech for the people at march of the living.
2009 Young people from Israel visiting the former concentration camp of Stutthof near Danzig
1998 My first Visit in the former death camp Treblinka together with Reuven Berger
1999 Visiting the worst Death camp Treblinka with a group of Germans, where almost 1 Million Jews where murdered in 13 months.

Prayer and Fasting- weeks 

1998 Prayer and fasting week in Kyriat Ha Yearim 1998 an altar we build as a sign that Israel and the Nations belong together.
1998 A time of prayer in the Holy Suplica in the chapel of the cross
1999 Prayer and fasting week on the mount of Olive in Mesonde Avraham.
1999 Worship and dancing on the roof of Mesonde Abraham at the mount of olives.
1999 prayer and fasting week on the mount of Olives.
1999 Prayer and fasting week on the mount of Olive. This menorah was part of all our prayer and fasting meetings in Israel.
2000 Prayer and fasting week in Christ Church Vera and sister Petra.
1999 Prayer meeting in the upper Room on Mount Zion.
2000 Our friends from the prayer and fasting meeting from Switzerland.
1998 Prayer meeting in the former Trapp Vila in Salzburg . Sadly this house was used by Himmler after the Trapp family fled to America.
1996 Meeting young people in Jerusalem with Detlev my cousin.
2003 Traveling with young people from Israel to Auschwitz in Poland and Austria

Traveling in Europe with young Israelis.

2003 in Germany Ludenscheid on the prayer mountain
2004 The Meir of Ludenscheid welcoming the Israeli youth group.
1994 Ilan Zamir leader of the Bible school in Jerusalem and a good friend who cam to the first journey to Auschwitz.

Conferences for Reconciliation and Intersession 

1997 The beginnings of what is now called TJCII at that time a group of dedicated intercessors.
1998 Meeting for interseason in Switzerland
1999 Prayers and repentance in Nicaea now Turkey for anti Semitism in the early church
1994 Pastor Daniel Yahav From Tiberias in Romania. He also came with me to Auschwitz where his father suffered.

Traveling to Africa

1995 My first visit to Ethiopia with Brille Brilei at a former synagogue in Gonda.
1995 Dr. Shitai with an onkle from Brilles wife from the village.
1996 Pastor Paul Gitwaza and Pastor Luis from Rwanda. Pastor Luis was the first one who invited me to Rwanda and I saw still the evidence of the Gynecide on the tribe of the Tutsi, with took place 1994.
1999 Pastor Paul Gitwaza and myself.
1996 My first visit in Rwanda 1996 two years after the Gynecide meeting still very traumatized people.
1999 A baby from the congregation in Zimbabwe.
1998 Reuven Berger, myself and Langton Gatsi at the Victoria big Falls in Zimbabwe.
1998 The African wide prayer conference in Congo. Because I was the only European at this meeting I ask for forgiveness for the terrible gilt of King Leopold the II from Belgian, who ordered the killing of millions of people from Congo. He was of German dependence.
2001 Langton Gatsi at a meeting of repentance for the Berlin Congo conference, witch took place 1884 and the whole continent of Africa was divided between the colonial powers in Berlin.
2001 Our team coming together in Berlin and other city's, because of the Berlin Congo conference.
2001 Hudson and Carola Tengler from Austria in Kenia. Carola receives later a call to serve in Uganda together with Maria Prean.


1999 My only visit in Indonesia together with Langton Gatsi. Here I got to know Ester and Armin my friends.
The cover photo of my booklet Israel and the Church. A view of Mount Zion and a part of the Old City of Jerusalem.
2000 My booklet in English, German and Hebrew and some parts in other languages.
2001 My booklet in German.


1997 My only Visit in India as I share about Israel.
1997 The welcome in India is very special.

Our Trust: Fellowship from Mount Zion

2005 Rosi,Esther Manheim, myself, Ruth Zaks, Yehudit Kriegel and sister Agnes in the Austrian Hospitz in Jerusalem. All three Holocausts'- survivors are founding members of our trust. "Fellowship from Mount Zion"
2009 Members of our trust " Fellowship of Mount Zion" Eyal, Limor myself ans sister Agnes.
20010 Members of our trust "Fellowship from Mount Zion" Dieter Werner from Germany.
2009 Members of our trust "Fellowship from Mount Zion" Dietmar Haas from Germany. He also helped me in Israel for 6 years.
2010 Members of our trust "Fellowship from Mount Zion" Boaz and Tal Fastman from Israel
2010 Members of our trust "Fellowship from Mount Zion" Christian Kaube from Germany
2017 The 90 Birthday of Yehudit Kriegel and her sister Esther Manheim. Both of them survived 4 concentration camps ans one death march.

 Yehudit's daughter Dafna and granddaughter Chen are on this photo too.

2017 Visiting Esther and Yehudit with youth from Germany in Tel Aviv
2019 Ruth Zaks with her caretaker from Maale Chamisha. She is number 131 from Schindlers list and also from Krakow 2019. She also cam with me to Poland, Austria and Germany. She lost all her family in the Shoar.
2012 Lea Berger also a Holocausts survivor with eher sons Benjamin and Reuven Berger at her 90 birthday
2019 Hanni is a Holocausts survivor from Leipzig and was in the elderly home in Migdal.

Times of prayer on the Island of Patmos

2001 Vacation and times of prayer on the island of Patmos in Greece.
2001 Houses in the background you see the old monastery.
2003 Weeks of prayer and fasting on the island of Patmos together with family Burbeck and Laban Jjumba from Uganda.
2007 A week of prayer on he island of Patmos.
2003 A place of rest and meeting the Lord Patmos.

Pastor Surprise and Angonia in Mozambique

2009 I got to know Pastor Surprise in England and have traveled with him to many countries. His testimony is very encouraging and he has written a book; Voice in the night.
2011 With the wife of pastor Surprise, Trylphina I visited Angonia in Mozambique and by Gods grace and the help of Sabine Mors from Austria we could start a house for orphaned there.

[Bild fehlt]

Victorino Trylphina"s brother took responsibility in the house for the orphans with a team together. 2010

2019 The house for the orphans in Angonia.
2019 They host around 20 children.

Migdal and the lake of Galilee 

2019 The lake of Galilee with mount Hermon covered by snow.
2020 My little rented house in Migdal near the lake of Galilea.
2020 Lady my dog who actually is the dog of our neighbor but always with.
2020 Our dinning room outside the house, because the house has only 37 meters.
2018 My boat Mary of Magdala is can take 8 people and the motor has 6 hoarse power. I do not need a special driver license for it.
2020 Friends from Jerusalem who come to visit.
2020 The Boast is from fiberglass and is a former fisher boat.
2019 Friends from Hungary and Ukraine.
2017 My boat in Migdal "Mary of Magdala". It was a present and I have it since the year 2017. From the months of April until November I have a boat ride with different people almost every week.
2020 In my house in Migdal.


2019 Shaul and Reuven old friends in Israel.
2019 Terry and Eric good friends in Poriya.
2019 Gabor from Hatvan helped me for some years in Israel and we visited him at his weeding in Hungary.
2018 One of the prayer and fasting meetings in Janaury 2018 in Jerusalem.
2019 Shlomo and Karina my neighbor's and good friends.
2019 Jasser, Felix, Eyal and Benjamin friends in Israel.
1995 Good friends who died already. Sara Kier from Denmark, Denis Yancy serving in Jerusalem and his wife Cindy who went back to America after his death.
1997 Vera my good friend who died from cancer, Anja one of the founding members of Jad Ha Shmona.
2010 Dr. Siegfried Buchholz and his wife Christiane good friends from my time in Austria and all the time also in Israel.
2010 My faithful friends in Vienna Ulrich and Dorothea Stroh.
2010 Thomas Wiesmann my neighbor in Jerusalem Malha a dear Jewish brother who died in Switzerland.